Bible scenes

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Bible scenes


A fun card game where the players have to draw or describe random Bible scriptures for other players to guess.
Have you ever play Telephone for kids with two paper cups or tin cans and a string? Now, you can play the same game with one Bible scripture and a piece of paper. Watch how the original scripture will be related from player to player and be told back to you. The only difference is that instead of using paper cups and a string, you use a paper where the players will have to alternate the way they relate the story between drawing it and writing it.


  • 60 Cards with scriptures that describe different bible scenes
  • 1 Scorepad

Required accesories

  • 1 New World Transtation of the Holy Scriptures (not included)
  • 1 Pencil or pen (not included)
  • Paper sheets (not included)

Game details

  • For 2 up to 6 players
  • No limit on playing time
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Helps you memorize the Bible

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US dollars (plus shipment)
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