Bible Trivia Jumbo

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Biblia Trivia Jumbo


Bible Trivia 4JWs is a fun game for the whole family, during breaks while in service, during congregational or other social gatherings or in use during Family Worship evening. The game is also great for progressive Bible Studies.

It helps you to get to know your Bible on a more intimate and detailed way. The pictures and the fun trivia questions will help you not only learn new things, but to even memorize them.

This is the same as Bible Trivia Deluxe, but with some differences for those who want the ultimate game experience but at an economical price.


  • 1 Jumbo-size deck of 60 cards
  • 1 Leaflet with instructions

Required accesories

  • 1 New World Transtation of the Holy Scriptures (not included)
  • Access to the Watchtower Online Library (
  • A computer with a copy of the Watchtower Library 2012 Edition or newer (not included)

Game details

  • For 2 or more players
  • No limit on playing time
  • New expansions of 60 cards will be added periodically

Buy it for only $29.99

US dollars (plus shipment)
Credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted

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