My Bible ABCs

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My Bible ABCs


The purpose of these cards is to serve as an aid in teaching young children basic Bible stories in a brief and fun way.

It can also be used during Family Worship evening by reading aloud the brief description of what each picture is depicting and then reading the associated scriptures.


1 Jumbo-size deck of 42 card compounded by:

  • 26 Cards with the letters of the English alphabet, along with Bible-based pictures and words.
  • 10 Cards with the numbers 1 to 10, along with Bible based pictures and descriptions.
  • 6 Cards after the 6 days of Creation.

Required accesories

  • 1 New World Transtation of the Holy Scriptures (not included)

Game details

  • For 2 or more players
  • No limit on playing time
  • Specially designed for 5 to 8 years old childrens, but adults can play it too
  • A great tool for christian parents

Buy it for only $21.99

US dollars (plus shipment)
Credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted

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